Janice Moore, REALTOR®

Janice has worked as a Real Estate Assistant with Moore Decker Dunn for the past five years, and recently decided to come on board as a full time as a licenced Realtor®. Before joining our team, Janice developed a wealth of experience working in the Insurance Industry, and previously, with the Department of Financial Services for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The wife of Rob Moore, and a friend to the entire team, Janice was a natural fit with Moore Decker Dunn. In addition to a love of real estate, Janice and Rob share three beautiful children – William, Charlotte, and baby Andrew.

Janice wears a smile wherever she goes, and welcomes you with her genuine personality and fantastic sense of humour; you'll surely feel at home when working with her.

Office Location: 115 Cavendish Square, 6th Floor Suite, St. John's
Office Phone Number: 709-793-0909

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