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Newfoundland is one of the most coveted provinces for those planning to move to Canada. This province has a rich and long history, diverse culture, and so much beauty. Whether you are looking for a rural or an urban lifestyle, you can get the best of both worlds here. This guide will help you discover the best cities to live in Newfoundland. Get to know these cities so you can decide which one to call your next home.

8 Best Cities to Live in Newfoundland

Before you embark on a house-hunting adventure, use this guide to know where you should be looking.

1. St. John’s

St. John’s is the capital of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It makes sense that it would be listed among the best cities to live in Newfoundland. However, it does have its merit because of the stunning location and natural beauty it has to offer. The city of St. John’s is gifted with a magnificent coastline and natural scenery. 

St. John’s also boasts a colorful history and vibrant local food culture. Its beauty is often compared to European cities because of its unique architecture. The quaint and colorful city offers world-class amenities and a fulfilling lifestyle for its residents. The crime rate in St. John’s is below the national average, so it is a safe place to live. 

2. Mount Pearl

Mount Pearl is another city that is an understandable source of pride in the province of Newfoundland. It is a city of natural beauty and is also one of the safest places to live in the province. Mount Pearl offers the promise of a vibrant and active lifestyle to its residents. The city is abundant in outdoor hiking trails and natural attractions, as well as indoor attractions like museums and breweries. There is also a lively dining scene in Mount Pearl, especially when it comes to seafood restaurants. 

The average income among the residents of Mount Pearl is quite high. In addition, it has excellent crime statistics with a crime rate that is below the national average. Despite being sunny, the city experiences a high rainfall average, too.

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3. Conception Bay South

Conception Bay South is one of the most densely populated cities in Newfoundland. However, it does not take anything away from the city’s natural beauty and charm. The city is famous for its beautiful walking trails and geological features. Tourists who visit Conception Bay South also embark on boat tours, which give them a rare opportunity to see whales. The tourism industry is responsible for the growing economic activity in the city. 

Speaking of economy, the residents of Conception Bay South enjoy a high quality of life. The median income for its residents is higher than the regional average. In addition, its crime rate is also consistently low. It is part of the St. John’s metropolitan area, which gives the residents easy access to basic amenities and services from the provincial capital. 

4. Corner Brook

Corner Brook is a suitable option for residents looking to live in a city that has a cheaper cost of living and is less hectic than bigger, metropolitan cities. You won’t sacrifice anything when you choose to live in Corner Brook as it offers stunning natural beauty, access to leisure activities, and a tight-knit local community. 

Corner Brook is the fifth-largest population center in the province of Newfoundland. It also acts as the service center for the northern and western parts of the province. While the population is smaller than other cities on this list, it does not indicate a lower quality of living. Residents of Corner Brook have access to affordable healthcare, low property taxes, and cheap home prices. The average cost of rent is also quite low. 

The residents of Corner Brook enjoy peace of mind due to the low crime rate in the city (equal to the national average). 

5. Paradise

A city that is named Paradise sure does hold a lot of promise, right? You will not be disappointed if you choose to live in the city of Paradise in Newfoundland. It is one of the best cities in Newfoundland as its proximity to St. John’s and Mount Pearl means that residents have access to the basic services and amenities available to these major cities.

This city is unique as it offers a blend of urban and rural lifestyle. There are plenty of opportunities for shopping, education, and recreation. Several businesses are opening up in Paradise, which has helped the city flourish economically and has provided jobs for its residents. 

6. Brigus and Cupids

Brigus and Cupids is a city consisting of twin islands. It is one of the best cities to live in Newfoundland, especially for those looking for a relaxed and idyllic way of life. This city is steeped in history and it exudes the charm of a small English village. 

Several tourist attractions are waiting to be explored in Brigus and Cupids. It also hosts the annual 3-day Blueberry Festival. In this event, attendees get to enjoy the showcase of traditional blueberry dishes, lots of dancing, and enjoying the views of the harbor.

Brigus and Cupids is also one of the safest cities in Newfoundland. Its crime rate is lower than the national average. However, living there can be quite a challenge weather-wise as it can be unpredictable. 

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7. Gander

Gander is a city located in the northeastern portion of Newfoundland. It is 25 miles to the south of Gander Bay. Despite its small population, the growth rate has rapidly risen over the past few years. 

Gander’s economy has been steadily rising in recent years as big stores like Walmart and other businesses are opening their doors in this city. Residents enjoy quality healthcare and medical services. There is also an abundance of recreational facilities such as walking trails and parks. 

8. Grand Falls-Windsor

Rounding off this list of the best cities to live in Newfoundland is Grand Falls-Windsor. This city is located along the Exploits River. There is an impressive waterfall on this river, which the city is named after. 

The aquaculture and mining industries are the main source of economy for this city. The recreational industry is also growing with more opportunities for residents and tourists alike. Some of the top things to do while in Grand Falls-Windsor are cross-country skiing, museum hopping, and hiking. 

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