What started as an inexpensive, mess-free alternative to conventional spray paint art, urban artists started designing with tape in the 1960s to make striking images quickly and easily. Nowadays, tape art is having a sort of renaissance, for all the same reasons and more! 

With a seemingly endless range of colours and textures of tape, you can add visual interest to virtually any space or aesthetic. Unlike mounting framed pieces, tape art can be installed without putting holes in your wall, making it a user-friendly option for renters. Take a look at these creative ideas for incorporating tape art into your space and get creative!

Gather your supplies

  • Tape: masking tape and washi tape are safe and reasonably durable options. Depending on the surface, you may want to avoid duct tape or electrical tape in case it strips your paint. 
  • Level, square, and protractor: depending on the precision needed in your design, you may need help producing clean lines and angles. 
  • Pencil and eraser: these will help you sketch the basics of your design before you tape. 
  • Rag and cleaning solution: tape adheres best to surfaces free of dirt and dust. Be sure to wait until your surface is completely dry before you get started. 

Exacto knife and/or scissors: please use caution when cutting your tape pieces, and take necessary measures to protect your cutting surface. Keep any tools up and out of reach of children or pets.

Geometric tape wall art
Image via SammyDemmy

All-over wall treatment 

This simple geometric pattern makes a bold statement. For floor-to-ceiling washi tape wall art, save yourself some trouble and choose a wall with limited windows, outlets, or other potential hindrances.

Hanging wall artImage via Jaymee SRP

Damage-free photo frames

With washi tape photo frames, you can mount your gallery wall damage-free, and achieve an especially unique and eclectic look.

Pink illustrated wall artImage via The Vinyl Room

Precious Patterns 

Three-dimensional geometric shapes are simple to recreate with tape wall art and elevate the visual appeal of your wall space. You can take this mural a step further by filling in the negative space with bright colours for a geometric tape painting.

Tape art on a ceiling fanImage via Design Sponge

Ceiling fan updates 

With a simple pattern and a bit of electrical tape, it’s easy to update your ceiling fan to tie into the room’s aesthetic without replacing the whole fixture.

Patterned wall art in small officeImage via Freckle and Fair

Confetti celebrations 

You can achieve this almost terrazzo-like effect without precise measuring of angles or lines. Simply measure and cut your strips and get sticking!

Calendar wall artImage via Washi Magic

Bright planners 

Put the “fun” in functional with this customizable wall calendar. Besides beautifying your space, it will help you keep organized. Score!

Hexagon wall art pattern Image via Hip Hop Home

Crisp neutrals 

Tape art doesn’t have to be elaborate to make a striking visual statement. Try a simple hexagonal pattern borrowed from nature, in a neutral palette for a clean, classy look.

Pink wall artImage via Deco Crush

Artful lines 

With the sharp contours of this piece, the tape art gives the effect of an expertly mounted piece of contemporary art. You’ll definitely need a ruler and a level here!

Door decorated with tape wall artImage via Decor Crush

Chic entrances

Add a little elegance to a generic door with a simple pattern and metallic tape. In a room with richer tones and more serious finishes, it adds a little balance and fun!

Bed with wall artImage via Hip Hop Home

Understated headboards 

No headboard? No problem! This very subtle use of tape art creates an elegant, eye-catching focal point in this bedroom, and is easy to remove if you rearrange your furniture. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try on this low stakes, high reward DIY method to transform your space. Whether you’re an artiste extraordinaire, or just a parent trying to add some fun to your kid’s space, there’s a cheap and simple tape art option for you. Happy crafting!

Courtesy: realtor.ca

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