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Are you moving to Canada? There are many options available for your new home and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is among the top options. This province is notable for its affordability and quality of life – something that is rare in most provinces in Canada. This guide will provide you with an insight into the cost of living in Newfoundland to help you decide if this is the ideal place to live. 

Cost of Living in Newfoundland: Overview

Newfoundland is the easternmost province of Canada. This province is considered one of the best places to live in Canada due to its affordability. The cities in Newfoundland are cheaper than living in major cities like Toronto. 

The most expensive city in Newfoundland in terms of cost of living is…

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Choosing a place to retire is an important decision to make. You must take into account the kind of lifestyle you want to enjoy during your retirement. Some seniors like to retire in a peaceful and laid-back community, while others seek out active opportunities and thrive in an environment that enables them to explore the outdoors more. No matter what you want to do and enjoy, retiring in Newfoundland is a smart idea. 

Use this guide to help plan your retirement and to help decide where you would like to spend your retirement years.

Why Retire in Newfoundland?

Many people choose to retire in a place or country with tropical weather. Therefore, you might be curious to know why Newfoundland is gaining popularity as a retirement destination.…

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Over the course of the pandemic, homeowners have been re-evaluating what they need most out of their property. For some, this has meant packing up and downsizing to a smaller city or community for greater living space, privacy, and a more relaxed pace of life.

Both statistically and anecdotally, we’ve witnessed buyers moving to the suburbs and other rural areas over the past two years. Small towns like Squamish, Wasaga Beach, Kingston, and Collingwood have been home to some of Canada’s fastest growing populations lately, a trend largely attributed to residents moving from urban centres in search of more affordable housing, according to a report from RBC Economics.

Why have buyers been moving to smaller cities?

Right now, there are two main…

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