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Combine excess moisture with a lack of air circulation and a biocompatible host and you have a recipe for mould. It’s not simply an insidious form of dirt that stands between you and a clean house, mould is also a potential health threat that triggers allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments. 

There are common places in the home where mould rears its smelly head—we’ll review these below—but let’s focus on the unexpected. Your home could be harbouring mould in spots you don’t suspect. Sarah McAllister of Go Clean Co previously shared with us the food and grease filter at the bottom of our dishwashers needs monthly love to avoid starting a mould cycle after the final rinse. 

Here are some logical but less-than-obvious mould havens that…

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How To Remove Cigarette Smell From Your Home

If you have moved into a new home and the previous owners were smokers, you may find that the house needs to eliminate the smell of cigarettes. The goal here is not to mask the smell but to get rid of it. Air fresheners can help for a short time, but they are not a good long-term solution. If you’re wondering how to remove cigarette smell from your home, you’re in luck! There are several things you can try.

How To Remove Cigarette Smell From Your Home

First, air out the house completely. Fresh air is one of the best things you can use to eliminate the overwhelming odour – plus, it’s free! Open all your windows and doors if it is warm enough outside, and place portable fans pointing outward in front of the largest windows.…

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