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Many homeowners use their garage for more than just parking vehicles. This multi-purpose area is often used as a storage solution, a workroom, a gym, an office, and even an entertainment hub. Whatever function your garage serves, one thing remains the same: you need to maintain the space to ensure its longevity. The process begins from the ground up.

It’s important to pay attention to the health of your garage floor just as much as the doors and walls. The floor takes a beating throughout the years—from car tires and engine grease, to snow shovels and DIY projects. The damage eventually shows in the form of stains, cracks, and pitting, which hurts the overall integrity of the floor. 

Whether you’re proactively trying to avoid the wear and tear,…

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Even if you don’t consider yourself handy—and there’s no shame in that—having a well-equipped toolbox is a must for every homeowner. You never know when you’ll need to screw a cabinet handle back in, hammer down a floorboard, or tighten a loose pipe until a professional can do a permanent fix. Your toolbox doesn’t need to rival that of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor’s, but there are some basics you’ll want to gather up. 

We asked Mike Sexton, owner of Double Check Handyman and Shed On Site in Fredericton, New Brunswick, to give us some insight to the 10 tools every home should have. 

1. A hammer

This is probably the one everyone thinks of, but not all hammers are created equal.

“There are a couple of different kinds,” says Sexton. “Don’t…

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Winter may not feel like it’s ever going to end, but the incrementally longer and warmer days mean spring is indeed on its way. Make sure your home is ready for the busy housing market ahead with these seven spring repairs.

Roof Repairs

Ice dams and falling snow sheets can cause damage to a roof over a long, cold winter; gutters warp, soffits crack, and roof tiles shift. These can spell disaster once the snow begins to melt, especially if there is water backing up inside the house.

The goal is to do everything you can to help your home pass its professional inspection. So, shelling out now to make sure the roof is doing its job should be on your list of spring repairs.

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spring checklist for homeowners

With spring swirling in the air, it’s as if all of humanity has been brought back to life. For many, the start of the spring season means that it’s time to do a significant clean around the house. After months of being cooped up inside, practically everyone is looking forward to getting outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight. While it is common for people to purge their unneeded, unwanted clutter at the end of winter, things often get forgotten. Here are eight important things that should be included on every homeowner’s spring checklist this year.

Examine the Roof

During the winter months, the roof of your home takes a beating. After months of heavy snowfalls, wind storms and ice build-up, your roof shingles may be…

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Though every modern household is unique, they all share two common features—a system for supplying water to the home, and one for removing waste water once it’s been used. Beyond turning on the tap or flushing the toilet, where does the water come from, where does it go once it’s used, and who is responsible for maintenance? You may not realize—especially when buying a home for the first time—these features differ depending on where your home is located. They’re also important considerations when planning to buy and play a key role in your long-and-short-term financial planning. Let’s investigate!

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Water supply systems

Two main types of water systems are used to supply homes: a well system, and a municipal (or city)…

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Is the roof of your home in good condition? Don’t feel bad if you don’t know the answer—many homeowners are often unaware of the state of their roof. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Unless there are obvious damages, such as cracks or leaks, it’s easy to forget about this exterior part of your home.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or you’re a homeowner who simply wants to know how to keep your roof in good shape, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three of the most asked questions about roofs.

What are the different types of roofs?

Roof materials come in different forms­: metal/tin, asphalt, wood, cedar, slate, and clay are the most common types. With a plethora of options, it gets tricky when trying to choose the best option for…

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