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Walk into your typical Canadian household laundry room and you’re likely to find a high-efficiency (HE) front-loading washing machine. It only seems fitting these laundry station spaces be used in a similarly efficient way, which leads us to a great intermediate DIY opportunity—a laundry room countertop! Let’s run through key considerations, steps, and hacks that’ll get you all set up to build and install your own beautifully functional laundry counter.

Using your machine tops as a make-shift counter may be fine for the short term, but a purpose-built countertop ensures more space and stability–so you can avoid items vibrating off during wash cycles. A countertop provides a sturdy surface to separate, fold, and steam your laundry without having to…

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If you grew up with a brother or sister—or 10—you know how rewarding, comforting, and sometimes frustrating sibling relationships can be. This may be especially true when siblings have to share a bedroom. There are many reasons why a shared room is necessary, be it a limited number of rooms in the home, a child who needs a roommate for comfort, or a family member has moved in with you. 

Plato famously stated, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and this situation is no different, as it presents the opportunity  to create a delightful space with your kids at minimal cost, and without needing to renovate. Let’s look at some ways to approach setting up a shared bedroom.

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Get the kids involved

The best way to ensure…

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