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Still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, Canada’s multi-suite rental market is expected to continue strengthening in the new year.

Morguard Corporation recently released its 2022 Canadian Economic Outlook and Market Fundamentals Report, painting a picture of increased rental demand leading to reduced vacancy rates and higher rents heading into the new year.

“Rental demand will gradually strengthen in 2022, as postsecondary schools and offices continue to open,” said Keith Reading, research director at Morguard. “Additionally, rental demand will increase with the return of international students to the country’s major urban centres.”

Rental demand dropped during the early stages of the pandemic…

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There’s no doubt Canada’s real estate market has been in flux since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, from home buyers migrating to outer-city areas, to soaring demand and prices across the nation. 

While the homeownership landscape has transformed, the Canadian rental market has seen its fair share of changes too, including the shifting preferences and priorities of tenants. Whether its location, unit size, or rental prices, those looking to lease have adjusted their needs and wants based on current market conditions.

Conrad Rygier, a Toronto-based broker and REALTOR® with Right at Home Realty Inc, tells us more about how priorities for Canadian renters have changed as of late.

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What has happened with Canada’s…

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