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As blended families have become more common—making up more than 10% of all Canadian households, according to Statistics Canada—more people face the challenge of bringing two families together under one roof. Deciding whose home to move into, or whether to sell both properties and start house-hunting together, requires lots of thought about locations, amenities, and space. Then there’s all the stuff both families have accumulated and compromising on who keeps what. We asked a professional organizer for tips on how to navigate these big decisions and make the moving process smoother for everyone.

Who goes where? 

Merging households requires careful planning and discussion. No two families are alike, so there are many factors involved in making…

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DECEMBER 18, 2021

Canada’s population growth came to a halt during the start of the pandemic, but it’s back with a fury.  Statistics Canada (Stat Can) data shows population growth had the second biggest quarter ever in Q4 2021. Estimates are now back to pre-pandemic levels, as backlogs begin to clear. Most of this growth was concentrated in two provinces, BC and Ontario. 

Canada’s Population Growth Was The Second Highest Ever

Canada’s population growth has exploded higher in the latest estimates. There are an estimated 38.44 million people in Canada in Q4 2021, up 0.5% (190,339) from the previous quarter. Annual growth has reached an estimated 1.1% (403,433) people. As mentioned above, the quarter was the second biggest in Canada’s…

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Canadian employers are struggling to find labor but this isn’t just reopening pains. Statistics Canada (Stat Can) data shows over one million vacant jobs in September. The common take is, this hiring boom is reopening pains as the economy grows. Further analysis of the same data set shows that might not be the case last month. Rising vacancies were met by a drop in people on payrolls, with little net change to employment. In the most recent month of data, people were just leaving the workforce faster than others could be hired.

Employers Need To Fill Over 1 Million Jobs

Canadian job vacancies have been soaring over the past few months. There were 1,014,560 vacant jobs in September, an increase of 16.4% from a month before. That’s roughly 143,560…

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Canadian new home prices are growing at one of the fastest rates in history but they’ve begun to slow. The Statistics Canada (Stat Can) New Housing Price Index (NHPI) shows huge annual growth in October. Not quite as obvious, the growth has fallen from the August peak, which had been the largest since 1989. The level of growth historically has been followed by a breather, where incomes catch up. If it’s begun its descent from peak growth, this can see low to negative price growth become a reality soon.

Canadian New Home Price Growth Is Up 12%

Canadian new home price growth printed some huge numbers last month. The index increased 0.9% in October and was 11.5% higher than the year before. It’s a very large and unusual growth that’s really kind of…

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