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“Where did you get that?” An enthusiastic and genuine question those who thrift furniture get asked all too often. Whether you’ve upcycled a dining room table or refinished an antique armoire, you know those unique pieces have a way of attracting the eye of house guests.

Filled with charm and character, thrifted furniture is an excellent option for those on a budget, looking for a distinct piece to complete a design vision, or those simply hoping to make a positive impact on the environment and their community.

So, if you’re interested in upcycling, thrifting, or collecting, we have some thrifting tips to help you find and give new life to classic pieces.

Why thrift for furniture?

While purchasing second-hand furniture might sound…

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With 2023 just around the corner, many of us are beginning to think of what to bring into the new year and what to leave behind. This applies to our homes as well. When all of the holiday décor comes down, it’s a good time to consider what sort of design elements in your home are in need of a shakeup. By nature, home décor trends come and go, but there are a few making their way out as we usher in the new year. From all-white minimalism to modern farmhouse, read more to find out what experts say should be left behind in 2022.

Decorating Trends That Are Going Away in 2023Image via Collov Home Design on Unsplash

1. Modern farmhouse

Modern farmhouse has really had its moment. Starting in the mid 2010s, the design was revered for its homey vibes and was hailed as a way to bring bits of rural life…

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Need a push to create a breakfast nook in your home? Here are five reasons for you to make the jump. From how you can hack it with upcycled materials, to the best fabrics to choose for an eat-in bench, this article gives you breakfast nook ideas you’ll want to explore even further. 

Sure, it’s great to have a massive eat-in kitchen complete with island seating for six plus a table that accommodates your family. However, if you live in a smaller home, condo or apartment, you may have to get creative. Enter the built-in breakfast nook—a great way to maximize space and gain extra storage. We asked an interior designer for tips and tricks to create a casual, cozy, stylish spot.

Image via HomeAtHand on Instagram

1. You get to pick your perfect…

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Did you know your next DIY project could (and should!) help recycle waste material? The wood pallet is a versatile building block that can be turned into many useful indoor and outdoor items. To get you started with your first or next DIY wood pallet project, Jeff Richard, a recently retired homeowner who’s been building home projects for more than 30 years,  and Shaun Crawford, an avid DIYer, graciously offered up their pallet wisdom. 

Image via Brent Keane on Pexels.

Finding wood pallets

The first step to any DIY wood pallet project is the pallet itself. Richard finds most of his in the outdoor lumber area of hardware stores. 

“It’s usually very clear which pallets you can and can’t take,” says Richard. “Pallets that aren’t for removal are…

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There’s nothing like hunkering down for the winter to get you noticing all the odd jobs that need to be done around the house. If you’re going to be inside anyway, why not tackle some fun and creative projects to beautify and simplify your life? Here are a few DIY projects you can tackle this weekend, with options the whole family can get in on.

Accentuate the positive 

Are your four walls starting to look a little too familiar? With not a lot of supplies, time or money, you can get creative with your space’s existing features and breathe new life into your surroundings. Painting window trims, accent walls, or cabinets are low commitment ways to try on a new aesthetic. You could even tackle a full wall mural to help liven up the kids’…

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Has there ever been a time in your life when you’ve seen a decorative pillow or a set of placemats and thought to yourself, “I could totally make that myself!” With a creative eye, a little bit of practice, and the right materials, you could easily take on a home décor sewing project that might even be better than what you can find in store. The best part about home sewing projects is that many of them are perfect for beginners and can even be made pretty quickly with little to no expense—hello, upcycling and recycling!

But what we truly love about easy sewing projects is that they also make for great gifts for friends and family, too—especially housewarming gifts. Read on to learn about five great home sewing projects you’ll be proud to show off.

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