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Basement apartment renovations and rentals have become more common these days; however, it’s important to remember all rentals aren’t created equal. 

Renters should be aware of laws and regulations to make sure they’re getting a livable space that’s safe, to code and won’t cause them headaches in the future. As Sacha Clarke, REALTOR® and sales representative with Century 21 Percy Fulton Ltd. emphasizes, “you want to look for a good, legal basement apartment.” She shares some of the basics to consider when looking for a basement apartment.

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What constitutes a basement apartment?

Separate from the living spaces above them, basement apartments can often have more square footage than standard apartments—of course, depending…

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Buying vacant land

When buying a home in the Canadian real estate market, many commonly assume that the bulk of the cost is for the home, but in reality it, it is the land that the house is built on that is of most value.

The housing market is all about the land since, especially in hyper-dense cities, is ostensibly finite. While Canada is one of the largest countries in the world by land mass, and are are still plenty of development opportunities from coast to coast, it is also one of the most expensive markets on the planet.

But whether you purchase an empty lot in the middle of Toronto or vacant land in the outskirts of Saskatchewan, it is an entirely different process than buying a conventional property.

So, what do you need to…

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If you find your family growing, or spending more time at home has you feeling like you live in a tiny home, craving a more spacious abode could be your current reality. The obvious choice is usually to sell in favour of a larger dwelling, but the simplest solutions aren’t always the best—or easiest. 

You may encounter roadblocks to buying a larger home like prohibitive pricing, or not wanting to move away from a beloved neighbourhood, close family or friends. Whatever your reasons, things could be looking up with a vertical home expansion, especially if expanding horizontally is not in your cards.

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Not your average reno

Make no mistake, this is a massive and complex renovation that requires professionals from…

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