Though Black Friday feels like something that’s emerged over the last couple of decades, the “Black Friday” name was first used in connection with the crash of the United States gold market in September 1869. It was only in the late 1980s Black Friday took on its role as the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. “Black” refers to retail accounting practices where black ink represents profits. It’s suggested it took until late November for retail businesses to finally move out of the unprofitable red ink that leads to the clearance-type prices available on Black Friday.  

Today, the Black Friday shopping event has also spawned other retail events, including Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday. No longer do Canadians have to wait for Boxing Day to take advantage of aggressive sales. Just know, it can be easy to get fooled by seemingly plummeting prices and “must-have” deals. Let’s look at some ways you can put Black Friday towards a little home improvement. 

 Best things to check on Black Friday Deals

The best things to look for

With all the chaotic advertising that lands in our daily feeds, it’s a good idea to have a plan. Knowing what you need can help you recognize the real deals. 

According to RetailMeNot, these are traditionally some of the best deals to look for during Black Friday sales. 

 Black Friday shopping event

Computers, laptops, and tablets

If you have a new home office setup or have kids studying from home, a new laptop or tablet may be in the cards. They’re perennial Black Friday sale stars, so there’s likely something to fit a range of budgets. Make sure to read up and compare the specs, though… more on that below.

Update your Kitchen appliances on Black Friday Sales

Small appliances

Air fryers and Instant Pots® (a Canadian invention!) may be big again this year, so if you’re looking to update your kitchen appliances,  consider searching for these deals. Also be on the lookout for small appliances like portable carpet cleaners, especially if you have a new pet running around the home. In the long run, investing in your own cleaner could be more cost effective than renting one! Air purifiers should also be on your list, especially for the winter months when opening the windows to help clear out household allergens is no longer the best option. 

Upgrade your Tech components

Smart home components

Smart speakers, bulbs, and plugs are often used as doorcrasher or early bird deals, and they can be a great addition to your home. Look for light bulbs that work with your phone or tablet so you can control the lighting even when you’re not home, or smart speakers that can carry your tunes throughout the house while you’re ticking things off your cleaning list. 

 Home gym accessories

Home gym accessories

It’s colder, which means more people are going to be opting for indoor workouts. In addition to exercise machines to build your own home gym or exercise room, you can often find deals on items like wireless earbuds and smart fitness trackers. 

Black Friday Week

Deals that may not be deals at all

There will undoubtedly be pseudo deals: items that seem like good buys, but may not generate the value you expect. Don’t be fooled by the “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” labeling—rushing into a purchase without doing your research could end up costing you more than you save.  

These are some things to watch for.

Set up your home theatre

Lowest-priced 4K flat screen TVs

Targeted to get you in the door, the TVs on sale typically have uninspired features and performance. RetailMeNot warns they can be cheap rather than affordable. 

Gaming system

Gaming systems

Dreams of setting up a gaming room for your kids this holiday season? Don’t feel like you need to line up down the block for the latest gaming system on Black Friday. Manufacturers know demand is high, so discounts will likely be small since you’ll be buying it regardless. RetailMeNot suggests looking for Black Friday deals on games rather than the most popular systems.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

In response to seasonal materialism, Giving Tuesday emerged in 2012 as an altruistic alternative. It’s meant to help encourage action in support of the community and those in need, beyond self, family, and friends. 

While virtually every charity welcomes cash donations, consider those possessions you’ve just replaced through Black Friday sales. Many agencies accept clothing and household items and there’s bound to be a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near you for those larger household donations. 

Boost your property value

Secrets to maximize your value

Let’s face it, shopping can be fun and scoring deals is even better. It’s no wonder why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are highly anticipated year after year. Keep in mind, though, by design, these events intend to separate you from your money. It’s easy to lose yourself in the hype. 

Make a plan; identify your needs versus your wants. Research prices and compare sources. Prepare to invest line-up time if a targeted purchase is a door-crasher item as there’s likely limited stock and high demand. Prepare for disappointment and remember, the next-best price might still be a great deal. 


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