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Still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, Canada’s multi-suite rental market is expected to continue strengthening in the new year.

Morguard Corporation recently released its 2022 Canadian Economic Outlook and Market Fundamentals Report, painting a picture of increased rental demand leading to reduced vacancy rates and higher rents heading into the new year.

“Rental demand will gradually strengthen in 2022, as postsecondary schools and offices continue to open,” said Keith Reading, research director at Morguard. “Additionally, rental demand will increase with the return of international students to the country’s major urban centres.”

Rental demand dropped during the early stages of the pandemic…

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Marble, natural stone and porcelain — with veins as prominent as blue cheese, in the best way — have been hitting homes. We're here for the drama! Galactic black to caramel brown and bold streaky white, we can't decide which we like best. Read on for kitchens to inspire your next overhaul.

Eclectic kitchen with mixed materials

This exciting kitchen by Marla Nazzicone Design is no shrinking violet.  Mixed materials make for a wildly interesting place to enjoy morning coffee.  It's like having your own swanky restaurant at home.  The island stone has a leathered finish.  Solid brass lines the front of the island and the hood, and there's walnut cabinetry in the fray too.

Tranquil Sophistication

No one said the white kitchen went away - it just got edgier.  In…

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The history of shipping containers might be shorter than you’d suspect. It was 1956 when Malcolm McLean created the idea as a way to ease several aspects of international commerce. McLean, in turn, probably never suspected his invention would appear in the American space western film Space Rage as the basis of buildings set some 200 years into the future. 

In 1987, a patent was filed for a method of converting shipping containers into habitable living quarters–the first “official” record of the concept–though there was mention of the idea going back to the 1970s. The idea gained momentum as the new millenium approached as a possible office solution, and California architect Peter DeMaria completed the first shipping container home a decade later in…

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A powder room sees a lot of action. It’s the bathroom you’re most likely to use throughout the day and the one your guests will inevitably visit. And that’s why designers often view these intimate yet high-trafficked rooms as places to experiment with high-energy materials, styles and colors that might feel too risky for, say, a living room or kitchen. Murals and graphic wallpaper, textured walls, gilded hardware and spa-like atmospheres are good jumping-off points. You’ll find those ideas and more in this countdown of the most-saved powder room photos uploaded to Houzz in 2021. Christine Vroom Interiors 10. Edgy and Eclectic

A navy blue vanity with fluted drawer fronts and gilded hardware defines this powder room in Manhattan…

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Power outages are rarely planned. When most things around you need electricity to function, going without power can wreak havoc on your home. So, what can you do to prepare? 

The Government of Canada recommends putting together an emergency supplies kit to last you through a minimum of 72 hours without power. We’ve rounded up essential items you should include in your kit and some tips to help you make it through the dark. 

Non-electric light source

The electricity may be out, but you don’t have to be in total darkness. Your power outage kit should always include an alternative light source. The light could be in the form of a flashlight or headlamp (just make sure to have extra batteries), or you could also opt for solar-powered lights or a…

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Good design is universal. And you’ll find plenty of evidence — and inspiration — in the most-saved kitchen photos of 2021 from 10 countries around the world, presented here in alphabetical order. See how dramatic color palettes, hardworking storage and an elegant mix of finishes and materials can create a stylish, high-functioning space that defies boundaries.

First Avenue Homes 1. Australia

This Melbourne, Victoria, kitchen by First Avenue Homes is a study in contrasts that integrates key material and decorating trends in a classic, timeless way.

We’ve been seeing an increase in dark palettes used in Australian kitchens, and this space shows how to successfully balance those colors with light features to create a lasting style.


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Buying a home is a big undertaking, and all aspects should be carefully considered before looking to buy. Not only do you want to find your dream home, but you want to do it within a reasonable budget. In hopes of staying within that budget, you may decide to cut some corners by carefully analyzing the things you want over the things you need.

In making these decisions, you may decide to skip using a Buyer’s Agent. Is this a good decision? No. Here’s why:

  • It’s free! The cost of using a Buyer’s Agent is covered by the seller out of the sale of their home. This means that choosing to use an agent will not only make your home buying journey much easier, but it won’t add a single penny to your budget.
  • A Buyer’s Representation Agreement is what…

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  • Canadian real estate rental apartment

One of the chief 2021 themes of the Canadian real estate market has been investors representing a significant portion of demand, from the major urban centres to small towns from coast to coast. Be it an investment titan or individual players possessing multiple properties, the Canadian housing market has been a breeding ground for investors trying to capitalize on the sizzling real estate market.

This past summer, it was reported that investors accounted for one-fifth of home purchases in Canada. As another example, this past fall, Teranet released its quarterly Market Insight Report, revealing that investors represented about one-quarter of all Ontario residential property transactions, and one-third in Toronto.

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The holidays are a time of joy and fun, anticipated throughout the year by kids and adults alike. However, a small decorating hazard can soon lead to catastrophe. So, be sure to avoid the following holiday hazards this year.

Forgetting About Christmas Lights Safety

Every year, poorly maintained Christmas lights cause a host of problems for families everywhere. However, you can sleep easy with the following safety tips.

  • Check all Christmas lights for signs of damage, and avoid using the ones with frayed or exposed wires, damaged cords or broken sockets.
  • Avoid using nails or anything that might damage the cords when putting up the lights.
  • Use LED epoxy lights rather than glass ones. They are more durable and release less heat,…

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Canada’s real estate industry is ratcheting up expectations for next year. The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is forecasting huge growth for the average home price in 2022. Just six months ago, they had been expecting the boom in 2021 to be followed by slow growth. Now in a market flooded with easy money, they see 12x the rate of growth previously forecast in the summer. 

Canadian Real Estate Prices Are Forecast To Rise 8% In 2022

The latest CREA forecast shows huge growth next year, slow only in contrast to 2021. Canada’s average sale price is forecast to hit $739,495 in 2022, up 7.6% from the previous year. They also see big gains in Ontario (+11.5%), New Brunswick (+11.4%), and Nova Scotia (+11.+2%). BC underperforms at…

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