Introduction to Southern Shore Newfoundland

Southern Shore Newfoundland is a booming real estate market because it offers the proximity to big cities like St. John’s without the stress of city living. Indeed, the two major selling points for the real estate in Southern Shore are lifestyle and a short commute. With that said, the majority of the property buyers in this area are families, but there is a growing diversity in its demographic, especially in recent years.

Introduction to Southern Shore Newfoundland

Southern Shore is a region in Newfoundland that is located within the Avalon Peninsula Rural Secretariat Region. This region encompasses several communities: 

  • Admiral’s Cove

  • Brigus South

  • Calvert

  • Cape Broyle

  • Aquaforte

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Overview of Conception Bay Real Estate

Since the onset of 2021, and even in the midst of the pandemic, the Conception Bay real estate market and that of Newfoundland and Labrador have been sizzling. The robust strength of the market has shown resilience despite the negative economic outlook and the global financial crisis. It’s a curious case, but for the experts who’ve studied the real estate market in Conception Bay, it’s not all too surprising as this market has shown steady growth for decades now.

Inside Look at Conception Bay Real Estate

When you are talking about Conception Bay real estate, there are actually two markets that you have to consider: North and South. These two areas exhibit varying trends in the housing market performance, so it is best to look at them…

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Mount Pearl is the second-largest city in the province of Newfoundland, second only to its capital city of St. John’s. The city is located on the eastern tip of the Avalon Peninsula and is technically a part of St. John’s large metropolitan area. This makes it a suitable option for anyone who is unable to secure housing in St. John’s but wants to stay close to the capital to enjoy the perks of living there. Discover what living in Mount Pearl NL is like and what to expect with its real estate market.

what to expect living in Mount Pearl

Mount Pearl NL Real Estate Overview

Mount Pearl is a quiet and peaceful community and is considered an ideal place to live for those who prefer a neighborhood with a family-friendly atmosphere. It is located within the Greater St. John’s…

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The real estate market in St. John’s, Newfoundland has dramatically changed over the past few years. However, there are plenty of reasons why it is still one of the most preferred places to live for anyone wishing to move to this province. If you are about to embark on a house hunting journey, here you can learn more about what this real estate market has in store and if it is the right fit for your needs.

shift in the real estate market in St. John’s

Average House Prices in St John’s

Since the onset of the pandemic, the year 2020 marked a significant shift in the real estate market in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. The residents were grappling with the new realities of everyday life and more people spending time at home created a renewed focus on finding a home that would satisfy…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Newfoundland

Newfoundland and Labrador is a Canadian province located on the easternmost part of the country. The population of the province is approximately 520,000 and more than 90% of them live in Newfoundland. This is considered to be one of the safest places to live in the world. 

Over recent years, there has been a growing number of people moving to Canada for many reasons, either for a job opportunity or for a fresh start. If you can’t decide on which province to move to, then this guide is going to provide you with helpful information. In particular, you will discover the advantages and disadvantages of living in Newfoundland so you can decide if it is the best option for your new home. 

Is Newfoundland a good place to live in Canada?


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Newfoundland real estate

If you are planning to move to Newfoundland, you have made the right decision. This is one of the best provinces to live in Canada because of the affordability and high quality of life. In terms of the best places to live in the province, Conception Bay is one of the top choices for experts and professionals in Newfoundland real estate.

Newfoundland Real Estate: Living in Conception Bay

There are three general areas for you to choose from when planning where to live in Conception Bay: the South, North, and Central regions. Which of these three is the best option for you? Learn more about each of them to help you make the right decision.

Conception Bay South

Conception Bay South is known to offer some of the best weather in the province. It…

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  • Canadian luxury real estate_aerial view

Pandemic accelerated value of home ownership at luxury price points to new heights in major Canadian centers in 2021

Demand for Canadian luxury real estate shifted into high-gear from coast to coast in 2021 as both domestic and non-resident consumption of tangible assets, such as homes, reached new levels, according to a report released today by RE/MAX Canada.

“The currency of home ownership has clearly taken on a new dimension in 2021,” says Christopher Alexander, President, RE/MAX Canada. “Canadians are moving to secure their future. The pandemic fuelled a run on real estate that has encompassed every segment of the market, and the value of housing has increased exponentially as a result–not only as a form of…

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Ways to Finance Major Home Renovations

Upon deciding to upgrade your home, whether you’re planning to stay there or sell, the topic of money arises quickly. It’s well known that home renovations can be costly. Sure, some small upgrades such as new light fixtures, faucets and paint don’t typically cost a whole lot of money, but remodels are known to snowball and the costs can add up quickly. Thankfully, you have options! Here are 8 of the best ways to finance major home renovations to help you forge ahead, with confidence that you’ll have the financial means to make your vision a reality!

  1. Home Equity Line of Credit

When buying a home, most people apply for a mortgage. Your home equity is the portion of your home that you have already paid off.


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Statistics released by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) show national home sales remained historically high in December 2021, as the end-of-month supply of properties for sale hit an all-time low.


  • National home sales inched up 0.2% on a month-over-month basis in December.

  • Actual (not seasonally adjusted) monthly activity came in 9.9% below the record posted in December 2020.

  • The number of newly listed properties fell 3.2% from November to December.

  • The MLS® Home Price Index (MLS® HPI) rose 2.5% month-over-month and was up a record 26.6% year-over-year.

  • The actual (not seasonally adjusted) national average sale price posted a 17.7% year-over-year gain in December. 

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For any real estate professional whose clients are looking to purchase any type of new home construction, heed this golden rule, says Toronto broker and REALTOR® Janice Fox: Do your research.

Whether your clients are seeking to buy into a new house already built, a semicustom home as part of a development or a pure custom home built to their personal specifications, you’ll want to help them create a schedule that allows pertinent questions to be asked in advance for the builder and throughout the build process.

While new builds tend to be designed with modern living in mind, have the latest in technology and plumbing, electrical and efficiency systems, you want to steer your clients to reputable builders and include references from people who have…

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