The skyrocketing price of houses has some people wondering: is there a way to own a home that is affordable? And the answer is yes. A tiny home can provide you with a permanent residence and give you more financial freedom. Just because a home is small does not mean it is uncomfortable. If you choose the right kind of tiny home, you can experience a life of freedom, flexibility and adventure.

Tiny Homes on Foundations

TV shows like Tiny House Nation (Netflix) have made the idea of the tiny house on a foundation more popular in recent years. This is an excellent option if you have a piece of land and want to build a “normal” home that is just smaller. You would build your home on a concrete foundation, or if you think you might move it at some point, you could choose to construct it on pallets.

Backyard tiny homes, laneway suites and “Granny pods” are a subset of foundational tiny homes that can be built on a property with a preexisting house. These dwellings may be rented to tenants or used as an Airbnb, and can potentially add value to your home. Granny pods are also a popular living option for seniors to live with their families while still retaining their independence.

Tiny Cabins

Tiny cabins are an excellent option for a recreational property, whether owned or rented. They appeal to builders who want a large-scale DIY project that will last for many years. A-frame tiny homes are popular on the east coast, and the high ceiling creates a feeling of spaciousness despite the limited area. Arched cabins are similar but feature a more rounded design. You can even purchase a custom-built cabin on wheels.

Tiny Homes on Wheels

One of the many appealing features of a tiny home is that they are portable, and a tiny home on wheels is the ultimate way to see the country while working remotely. A recent trend that is gaining traction is the conversion of old buses. Once the seats are out, you are left with a long home and a blank canvas that can accommodate many different designs. Once the bus is converted and retrofitted all you have to do is start the engine and hit the road!

If you find that a bus might be too big or too expensive, a van can also work as a tiny home. It is a less spacious option, but it can be a very cozy place to live for a summer or even permanently with the right tools.

Trailer Homes

RVs, 5-wheelers, motorhomes – these are the original tiny homes. They were initially designed for vacationers but more recently they have become a comfortable option for those looking to live off the grid or in a smaller space. The significant benefit of a trailer home is that it requires no construction and can be easily picked up from a dealership and placed.

Over the years, trailer homes have been built with more and better amenities, including entertainment systems, fireplaces and heated floors, so they really feel like you are living in a more traditional home. Make sure that you invest in a trailer home that’s suited for your local weather – many cannot be used during winter unless expressly made for all-season living.

Unconventional Tiny Homes

With a little bit of imagination and a lot of work, you can make a tiny home out of pretty much any structure. Conventional tiny homes are more popular because they are easier; however, people have been known to convert structures like shipping containers or yurts into very comfortable living spaces. There are also more natural options for tiny homes, such as living underground or a Cob house made out of a durable mixture of clay, sand, and straw. If you live near the water, you could consider living on a houseboat. The choice is yours.

There are many different types of tiny house options available, and all of them are very affordable and comfortable with the proper care. We can guarantee that a tiny house will appeal to your desire for simplicity and allow you to enjoy all the pleasures that life has to offer.