Redoing your bathroom can be a challenging, albeit rewarding experience. As with any remodelling job around the home, there are many things to consider beyond your favourite features and finishes—changes that could seem to be a great idea now, but end up affecting your resale value in the future.

Whether you’re looking to modify your powder room, ensuite, half bathroom, or full bathroom, if you’re interested in making common bathroom modifications such as replacing your tub with a shower, or integrating more accessibility into your bathroom, read on to discover some key aspects to consider.

Shower Renovation
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Will common bathroom renovations hurt your home equity?

Clean, updated bathrooms are never a bad idea when trying to appeal to potential buyers, but what are some of the remodelling choices that could harm your home’s resale price?

The tub versus. shower debate

Despite the relaxation and coziness of settling into a bath, the convenience of jumping in and out of a standing shower has taken precedence over outdated tubs in recent years. Where whirlpool and jacuzzi pools were once all the rage, spacious standing showers, doorless showers, and statement showers with thoughtfully placed features like shelves, benches, or storage nooks and niches are trends that could appeal to buyers if you’re selling soon. 

However, if your home is more suited towards a larger family, the absence of a tub could be a red flag for potential buyers, particularly young families. Your REALTOR® can provide insights on the target market for your home and what features they may be looking for.

 Flooring Tips for your Bathroom


The days of carpet in the bathroom are (thankfully!) gone for most people, but some homes still opt for that warm and fuzzy feeling under your feet. Bathroom carpet lessens the likelihood of slipping and it’s also specifically designed to be in a room often exposed to moisture, but they can also be stained easily and mould can appear and spread over time.

More commonly, people are opting for inexpensive vinyl or porcelain or ceramic tiles that will likely add more long-term value. Non-slip flooring is also something to consider in your bathroom, especially for buyers with young kids or senior family members. Part of the flooring conversation also includes whether or not to add in underfloor heating, which can be a toasty way to start the day.

Vanity Ideas while Bathroom Renovation


Many homeowners are after twin or double-sink vanities at a comfortable height. If not close-grained, solid hardwood plywood and granite are fast becoming popular options. Vanities that include extra storage are always a plus, too. 

 Tips for designing an Accessible Bathroom


Accessibility in the home shouldn’t be an afterthought. Often, planning an accessible space at the start of a renovation can be more affordable than having to retrofit later on.

These are some common options for a more accessible bathroom:

  • Wide shower entry—Expand the shower entry to accommodate a wheelchair and add a non-slip shower mat.
  • Shower seat—This could either be built into the shower or a free-standing option.
  • Handheld shower—A sliding arm handheld shower can easily be adjusted.
  • Secure grab bars—Preferably drilled into the studs of a wall (as opposed to suction cup grab bars), these can be placed in and outside of the shower.
  • Elevated toilet—Standing up from a lower surface can be difficult, a simple solution is mounting the toilet higher on the wall.
  • Frames around the toilet—These grab bars should also be drilled into the studs of the wall and placed on either side of the toilet to help mitigate the risk of a fall.
  • Easy-to-use faucets—Lever handles that don’t require gripping or turning; don’t forget about placement, too – consider where they’re installed and how easy they are to access.
  • Adequate lighting—Bathroom lighting extends far beyond aesthetics; it can be a safety measure!
  • Non-slip flooring—Reduce the odds of slips and falls with non-slip flooring and mats
 Storage Solutions for Bathroom
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Keep storage solutions in mind when remodelling

One of the key details that will dictate an appropriate storage solution is how the bathroom will be used. Is it the main bathroom? The kids’ bathroom? Or perhaps it’s a guest bathroom. The answer to this question should be your foundation and it will help determine how much, as well as what type of storage you’ll need.

Here are some quick ways you can add storage to your bathroom:

  • use your vanity space;
  • add floating shelves;
  • install a medicine cabinet;
  • put cabinet nooks or alcoves in the wall; 
  • add a linen closet;
  • include a storage ladder;
  • place baskets or hanging baskets;
  • add bar carts;
  • create cubbies; and
  • use wall racks.

Bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms in the home and there are many elements to bear in mind before remodelling. Hopefully we’ve inspired some bathroom reno ideas to help you end up with your perfect spot!


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