With more than 90% of Canadian children playing video games, it’s no surprise gaming has exploded from an entertainment pastime into a way of life. Many gamers love the culture and technology so much, they’ve dedicated space in their homes solely for video games! If you’ve considered fulfilling your kid’s or teen’s dream of having a dedicated gaming room, you’re in the right place. Let’s get inspired with some video gaming room ideas to create the perfect HQ for their battlestations.

Kid gaming on two monitors Image Via ExplorerBob, Pixabay

Why a gaming room?

In-person social interactions have been greatly restricted due to the pandemic and—unsurprisingly—online gaming has helped fill this gap nicely, bringing kids together in a virtual environment. Video gaming has many other benefits as well, like promoting positive social interactions, teaching leadership, improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and even boosting self-confidence.

Gaming rooms are an ideal venture for quality time with your child(ren)—teaching them how to plan, budget, and execute a project that’s steeped in their passion. Plus, they’ll be eager to have an amazing space to brag about to online peers once it’s done!

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Dedicate some space

You may have already selected a spare room or nook for your kid’s gaming space, but even if you need to get creative under a loft bed or work some magic in the cupboard under the stairs, there are plenty of places to make this project happen. As long as you have a space large enough for a desk and chair in close proximity to an outlet, you’re good to go.

Mine Craft themed play roomImage via Triton Builders inc/Harry Lim, Houzz

Décor ideas

An immersive theme: Most kids have that one game they favour above all others, and focusing on an epic décor theme brings a totally new dimension to their gaming experience.

Gaming PC set upImage via Tarn Nguyen, Unsplash

Less is more: A minimalistic approach can be just as effective as a full-on theme. Keeping things simple means fewer distractions from the important gaming to be done, plus it [might] encourage your gamer to keep a tidy space.

Fort Nite playing on a monitorImage via Vlad Gorshkov, Unsplash

Colour palettes: Colour themes are a fantastic way to inject the fun of your kid’s favourite games into their space. You can even use online tools to choose a palette — grab an image from their favourite game (a screen shot from a preferred level works well), then upload to a colour palette generator and boom! You’ve got a striking selection of colours to inspire their gaming room’s paint, décor, lighting and accessories. 

Super Mario figurineImage via Fábio Silva, Unsplash

Selective accents: Collectibles or wall decals from your child’s favourite games are a simple way to add character to their video game room. Instead of a full paint or décor job, adding some knick knacks to a room can liven up the space without the commitment.

Monitor in dark room playing War ZoneImage via Fábio Silva, Unsplash

Set the mood with lighting

RGB (or red, green, and blue) lighting can be applied strategically to create a specific mood, spotlight your gear, or control brightness and tone in your space. Many RGB lights are app controllable/programmable so you can build a colour theme from potentially millions of colour tone options.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated gaming room, RGB lighting can quickly transform any space into a temporary gaming environment with a flick of a few switches to change from your usual lights.

Below are some examples of different light types that can give your room a cutting-edge caste any kid would be excited to play in.

RGB tube lights

RGB Tube lights

LED strip lights

LED StripsImage via BentChiang, Pixabay

Panel lights

Panel lightsImage via RGBTherapy – Instagram

Some computer components like towers, monitors, keyboards, and mouses come with built-in LED lights, making them an eye-catching part of your décor while increasing visibility during low-light gameplay.

Gaming keyboard with red lightsImage via via ExplorerBob, Pixabay
PC gaming set up with two monitorsImage via Jura Greyling, Unsplash

Make them comfortable

With so much time spent sitting — except when playing active video games — comfort and ergonomics are important for a positive gaming experience, making gaming chairs a top pick. If console games are the media of choice in your home, then a comfy couch or multiple gaming chairs may be in order.

Play in or take out

Of course, if you don’t have the space for a permanent rig, a portable rig is a prime option. With a few components, a creative approach and some elbow grease, a tool case or briefcase can be transformed into a portable gaming PC, like this one by mrGreenMakes, or this Tuff Case portable PC with monitor by SJbox (watch the video!). 

gaming room

Sound check

Proper sound treatment is a winning way to unleash an intense and deeply engaging experience. While headphones are great for team chats, a pair of home studio monitors with a subwoofer provide immense sound that makes it feel like they’re part of the action. 

Sound proof pads on wall of gaming roomImage via Matthew Sichkaruk, Unsplash

Acoustic foam reduces sound reverberation (reverb), ensuring a crisp, clean sound for your kids’ gameplay while also damping it so those outside the room won’t be disturbed.

Gaming room lit in redImage via zCONNORz, Reddit

Battlestation inspiration

Nothing can be more inspiring than seeing some of the creative ways others have set up their spaces. Check out the subreddit, battlestations where you’ll find hundreds of incredible gaming setups. 

Kid gamingImage via Pixabay

No matter the size of your budget, availability of space, or theme—or the end result!—this at-home project promises to be a lot of fun, plus both you and your kid(s) will enjoy the benefits for a long time to come. 

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