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buying an acreage

If you dream of rural living, you may have considered buying an acreage and are looking around at different options. An acreage can provide a cozy style of country living, whether close to an urban centre or out in the middle of nowhere. Buying an acreage property is a bit different than buying a more traditional home, so let’s take a look at some of the things you should consider.

5 Factors to Consider when Buying an Acreage

The Size of the Acreage

The size of the acreage you want to purchase will influence the type of mortgage that you apply for. Mortgage lenders will likely approve up to a certain number of acres with a house and garage, and varies based on the location. A property located close to an urban centre…

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How would you describe your dream home? You know, the one with every amenity and design feature you’ve been looking for? But finding that dream home already built and available on the market isn’t always possible. Whether it’s because of the location, size, price, or available features, it can be difficult to find this dream space without compromise. 

Rather than struggling to find something that checks all the boxes, some choose to buy land and build their own home. The process is different from buying in the resale market and can get a little complicated, so it’s best to let a REALTOR® guide you through the process, but we’re going to break things down a bit for you here first.

Why buy land?

According to REALTOR® and salesperson Peter…

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On the surface, tiny homes offer a practical solution to a rising problem among many who want to own a home but can’t get their foot in the door: rising prices. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the average Canadian house price has surpassed the $800,000 mark; however, a tiny home can be purchased or built for less than $200,000. People who live in tiny homes are committed to living minimally, which helps reduce costs and their carbon footprint. A tiny home may not be for everyone, so here are the basics of living in 400 square feet or less:

What Are Tiny Homes?

According to a 2017 report by Statista Research Department, the average size of a Canadian home is 1,792 square feet, ranking third after the United States and Australia…

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