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When it comes to interior design, lighting is often an afterthought, and that seems a bit dull. In fact, it should be factored into the layout and décor scheme as early as possible! This is largely because when you’re outfitting a space, having proper lighting is a sure-fire way to add character and elevate its style.

With the right information, you can easily update a room’s lighting fixtures without breaking the bank or exerting too much effort. We’ve already shown you how to illuminate your home’s exterior, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even those tricky underlit places. Now we share a guide on how to choose lighting for one of the most used spaces: the living room.  

Read on for tips on finding the right type of light to fit your space’s…

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Industrial elements tend to appeal to those with minimalist tendencies—the sharp lines and functional philosophies of industrial design are a natural fit if you’re into clean, uncluttered spaces. However, antiseptic interiors aren’t to everyone’s tastes, and there’s no design law that says industrial interiors must equal sterility. 

In October 2018, Living Room called industrial design a celebration of bricks and mortar. It’s a style that continues on in new condo and loft construction, though more likely features concrete along with high ceilings and exposed mechanicals. 

Warming up an industrial space may be easier than you think, too. The walls, floors, and ceilings of any space are the blank canvas upon which you…

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A fireplace is a natural focal point in a living room. But sometimes it can command too much attention. A smart way to balance a fireplace wall is to add built-in cabinetry. These units can create symmetry while adding storage and display space for decorative items. And their built-in nature gives the overall design a more intentional look than standalone units might. Here, design and remodeling pros share details about incorporating built-ins in recent living room projects.

Younger Homes

1. Black-and-White Boldness

Builder: Danielle Younger of Younger Homes
Architect: Danze & Davis Architects
Designer: Haley Manning
Location: Jonestown, Texas

Homeowners’ request. A family lakeside vacation home with high-end architectural design. “They wanted a…

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Image: Natali Kuzina/

House plants are a fantastic way to liven up your home decor by adding a natural touch and a splash of color to any room. However, if you’re a pet owner, you’re probably aware that some plants are toxic to your furry friends. The good news is that there are plenty of safe options that look stunning. So, check out our top picks for pet-friendly house plants.


Image: nnattalli/

All Calathea or prayer plant varieties are safe for cats and dogs. With their stunning range of leaf colors, sizes and patterns, we’re sure you’ll find one that suits your home decor. They grow best in medium light, high humidity and need filtered or distilled water to keep the leaves glossy and healthy.

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An island with seating can create a welcoming social hub in a kitchen. And there are many ways to design an island that encourages interaction among family members and guests. Here, five design and remodeling professionals share details about how they created islands that promote interaction with seating.

Olga Dean Interior Design 1. Dynamic Dining

Designer: Olga Dean Interior Design
Architect and engineer: Mark Schroeder of FWC Structural Engineers
Location: Trabuco Canyon, California
Size: 416 square feet (39 square meters)

Homeowners’ request. “The ultimate goal was to have the home feel new and fresh while retaining vintage charm,” says designer Olga Dean, whose clients saw her work on Houzz, including on an episode of Houzz TV,…

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A powder room sees a lot of action. It’s the bathroom you’re most likely to use throughout the day and the one your guests will inevitably visit. And that’s why designers often view these intimate yet high-trafficked rooms as places to experiment with high-energy materials, styles and colors that might feel too risky for, say, a living room or kitchen. Murals and graphic wallpaper, textured walls, gilded hardware and spa-like atmospheres are good jumping-off points. You’ll find those ideas and more in this countdown of the most-saved powder room photos uploaded to Houzz in 2021. Christine Vroom Interiors 10. Edgy and Eclectic

A navy blue vanity with fluted drawer fronts and gilded hardware defines this powder room in Manhattan…

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The holidays are a time of joy and fun, anticipated throughout the year by kids and adults alike. However, a small decorating hazard can soon lead to catastrophe. So, be sure to avoid the following holiday hazards this year.

Forgetting About Christmas Lights Safety

Every year, poorly maintained Christmas lights cause a host of problems for families everywhere. However, you can sleep easy with the following safety tips.

  • Check all Christmas lights for signs of damage, and avoid using the ones with frayed or exposed wires, damaged cords or broken sockets.
  • Avoid using nails or anything that might damage the cords when putting up the lights.
  • Use LED epoxy lights rather than glass ones. They are more durable and release less heat,…

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