The colder weather is here, which means we’re likely to become more aware of drafts in our homes. As the wind whips outside, everyone wants to make sure their home is warm and toasty, but a lack of insulation—or the wrong kind—can make for a frigid few months. 

According to National Resources Canada, more than 16% of Canada’s annual energy goes to heating our homes. Aside from noticing a hefty utility bill, checking for air leaks as well for signs of moisture damage in the interior and exterior of your home can help determine if your insulation needs to be replaced or installed. Some of the most common areas of a home requiring insulation are attics, basements, crawl spaces, and garages.

What type of insulation should you be using?

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In a buyer’s market, getting your property to stand out form the rest will take some creative know-how. A seller’s market occurs when real estate listings outnumber the number of potential purchasers. This means sellers will have to work a little harder to attract offers to their home. Here’s how you can help tip the scales in your favour, and hopefully get that sale contract signed!

Low Down

When the amount of real-estate inventory matches the number of buyers shopping the market, people tend to be pickier about the price they’re willing to pay. Really hone in on the listing price you’re comfortable with — if you want to sell quickly, consider listing it on the lower side.

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Think you don’t need a home inspection when you purchasing a new build? Think again! Here are four reasons you need a home inspection—even if it’s a new build. 

1. A home inspection is different from the final walk-through with the builder

During the final walk-through among the buyers, their REALTOR® and the builder, any last-minute details—like paint touch-ups—can be fixed before you get the keys. According to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA), many new homes and condos built by licensed builders carry a third-party home warranty—they’re mandatory in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, but in other provinces, individual builders can decide whether to offer one or not. CHBA members are required to offer a warranty.

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We’re all looking for ways to save money. A good first step to build your savings account is to lower your cost of living. Whether your savings goals include a down payment on a home, an emergency fund, you want to save for retirement, or you simply need more money each month to cover your expenses, these small but impactful saving tips can help you find money – potentially lots of money! – in the long run. Consider these tips to help you put money away and start saving!

How to save money in 5 simple steps

Start a carpool

Those who drive to work everyday end up spending thousands of dollars on gas each year. Starting a carpool is an easy way to spend less on gas every week. Not only are…

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Buying a new home is exciting, but depending on where you are on the property ladder, you may not be getting a move-in ready property. Although it can be tempting to jump right in to transform your space, it’s not always a good idea to rip down walls as soon as you close the sale. Here’s why you should put down that sledgehammer and take your time instead. 

1. You’ll learn about your home and its pain points

Whether you buy a total fixer-upper, an older home that needs minor updates, or a newly built place you want to personalize, it’s smart to play the waiting game before embarking on major renovations, says David Stevens, a REALTOR® in Victoria, British Columbia.

“I tell my purchasers I’d like to see them in the house for 12 months…

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Think of the main character in your favourite movie. Is it a superhero? A detective? A misunderstood brooding action badboy? We’re willing to bet not many, if any, of you picked a house—not that this is unusual. We typically think of houses in movies strictly as locations. They’re where the story takes place, not necessarily part of the story itself. 

But every so often a movie comes along where the house steals the show. Whether it’s central to the plot or just downright enviable, these movies wouldn’t be the same without their iconic abodes. Take a look at this list of our favourite movie houses that were central to the plot, and see if you can think of any others! 

1. Encanto

Encanto is about a family who all have magical…

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On Tuesday, November 15, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) released its national housing statistics for the month of October. Below, CREA’s Senior Economist Shaun Cathcart provides an update on the current state of housing markets in Canada and explains what the data means for members:

In a surprise to many, home sales recorded over Canadian MLS® Systems edged up 1.3% between September and October 2022.

To close observers, this should not come as a surprise given that month-to-month sales declines have been becoming increasingly smaller since May. For some, the change from negative to positive results is a big deal, if only psychologically.

A 1.3% increase may not seem like much since our natural inclination is to compare it to…

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As the 1990s and 2000s make a comeback in the form of TV, film, and fashion, we can’t help but be nostalgic about original home improvement shows that paved the way for so many of today’s reality home shows. 

The most notable of these classic shows is TLC’s Trading Spaces. The premise is simple: two sets of neighbours swap homes and transform a room in two days with a budget of $1,000 using the help of expert designers. This format made the show, which ran from 2000 to 2009 before its 2018 reboot, a huge hit. 

Trading Spaces’ successful results inspired a generation of reno enthusiasts to try their hand at updating their own spaces, but sometimes left homeowners shocked and even in tears. 

While it may seem like these things were done…

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Have you ever wondered how you can transform an ordinary room into something extraordinary? With peel-and-stick wallpaper, you can easily and quickly decorate your home—especially if you’re a renter or like to redecorate often.

Install peel-and-stick wallpaper to add a pop of colour to bland walls, a subtle texture to a ceiling, or a fun pattern to walls, stair risers, and furniture. When compared to traditional wallpaper (which requires pasting), it’s much easier to install and remove. No commitment, no wall damage! Peel-and-stick wallpaper is typically sold by square foot, so your costs will depend on how large of a space you’re looking to cover. You can find it at local home improvement or craft stores for about $70 for 30 square feet, or online…

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With 2023 just around the corner, many of us are beginning to think of what to bring into the new year and what to leave behind. This applies to our homes as well. When all of the holiday décor comes down, it’s a good time to consider what sort of design elements in your home are in need of a shakeup. By nature, home décor trends come and go, but there are a few making their way out as we usher in the new year. From all-white minimalism to modern farmhouse, read more to find out what experts say should be left behind in 2022.

Decorating Trends That Are Going Away in 2023Image via Collov Home Design on Unsplash

1. Modern farmhouse

Modern farmhouse has really had its moment. Starting in the mid 2010s, the design was revered for its homey vibes and was hailed as a way to bring bits of rural life…

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