To get pre-approved for a mortgage, do I just have to be really nice to the broker?  You have questions about Canadian real estate. Read on for answers.

Though you’re probably that aware posting selfies with the house you’re interested in buying and tallying “likes” has nothing to do with pre-approval. But you may have other questions about the Canadian housing market, mortgages, offer conditions and negotiations and selling. It can all be a little overwhelming, and sometimes you need help.

That’s why RE/MAX Canada decided to hit the streets and talk with Canadians, to see what real estate questions they may need answers to.

How Much do People Really Know About Canadian Real Estate?

How much does the average person know about the Canadian housing market? In a “man-on-the-street” style video series, we asked people a few common questions.

They say knowledge is like money in the bank. No, it won’t help with your mortgage payment, but it could help you get a better mortgage rate and terms, which is the next best thing! Here are some helpful resources for homebuyers and sellers:

Canadian real estate resources_buying a home
Canadian real estate resources_home staging and home improvements
Canadian real estate news

RE/MAX – Your Unfair Advantage

It’s like having a personal trainer in real estate. Think of RE/MAX as a gym, filled with personal real estate trainers (agents) to whip you into market-ready shape. We may not be able to give you the unfair advantage of a fast metabolism, but we can offer you an unfair advantage in real estate.