Canada is home to 10 provinces and 3 territories. So, why move to Newfoundland? This province is among the top options for anyone moving from within or outside Canada because of the quality of living and the exciting opportunities that await. If you’re moving to Newfoundland, this guide will help you prepare and make the transition as smooth as possible. 

Why Move to Newfoundland?

Why Newfoundland? Canada is considered one of the best places to live in the world. Therefore, you could pick any city or region in Canada and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of calling this country home. However, there are many advantages to living in Newfoundland that you should consider when planning your move.

First off, the quality of life in Newfoundland is arguably superior to other provinces and regions of Canada. The proximity to the natural features and the abundance of open spaces offer its residents access to clean air and water. 

Second, it is a safe city with a crime rate that is below the national average. Residents of Newfoundland can walk anywhere within the region without fearing for their safety. Aside from being safe, the residents of Newfoundland enjoy a well-balanced lifestyle. The province has enough urban and rural areas to give all its residents full access to basic services. 

The province of Newfoundland has seen tremendous economic growth over the years. The economic growth has led to many exciting career opportunities becoming available to the residents; indeed, many don’t need to travel far to pursue their desired careers. 

The third reason to move to Newfoundland is the tight-knit community. Newfoundlanders are known to be friendly and warm. There are plenty of neighborhoods and cities that make up this province, and most of them have a good sense of community. The people of Newfoundland also enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and low-stress levels, unlike those who live in the big cities. This same quality is part of the reason why a lot of people choose to retire in Newfoundland. 

Finally, the cost of living in Newfoundland is attainable. Compared to other cities and regions in Canada, it is cheap to live in this area. The same goes when it comes to the cost of buying a home, food prices, and access to education and healthcare. 

What It’s Like to Live in Newfoundland

The geographic location of Newfoundland makes it somewhat isolated from the rest of Canada. However, this isolation does not take anything away from its vibrant and dynamic character. The best part about living in Newfoundland is that every city or town is unique. The difference in character and way of life makes it important to choose which city to move to because each of them offer a different living experience.

The people of Newfoundland have a rich heritage with a mixture of French, Irish, English, and indigenous ancestry. As a result, the population is highly diverse. This diversity is manifested in the unique traditions, the annual events and festivals, and the food culture in the province. The diverse makeup of the population is part of the reason why the locals are warm and welcoming. 

Best Cities to Live in Newfoundland

Newfoundland comprises several cities and towns, each with its unique characteristics. The most important decision you will make when moving to Newfoundland is the city or town to live in. Take some time to get to know about each city, so you can find the right one to call your home.


St. John’s is the provincial capital; therefore, it is the top choice for most people who are moving to this province. This city is highly metropolitan with a vibrant atmosphere. It is the most populated cities in Newfoundland. Despite the bustling metropolitan and its lively music scene, its locals are friendly. There are also plenty of opportunities for anyone looking for a job in Newfoundland. 


If you want to live in the city but away from the bustling center, choose Mount Pearl. This city is within proximity to St. John’s and has the basic amenities and services that you will find in the big city. However, there is a blend of rural and urban lifestyles and character to Mount Pearl that many people prefer. 


This is a smaller city with a smaller population. Therefore, Corner Brook is the ideal place to move for anyone looking for a more relaxed and slower pace of life. The cost of living in Corner Brook is affordable compared to other cities in Canada. Access to activities like hiking and skiing are on the doorstep for those who like to spend more time outdoors. 


This city is another option for those moving to Newfoundland and seeking an active lifestyle. The city of Grand Falls-Windsor has a small European town feel. It is also teeming with options for outdoor activities and recreation.  

Checklist for Moving to Newfoundland

This checklist is essential to prepare for your move to Newfoundland. 

  • Research the cost of living in your chosen city. 
  • Research the existing job opportunities, especially those that match your skills. 
  • Research the different types of neighborhoods to find the best fit for your lifestyle and needs. 
  • Research the weather in your chosen city or region (this is an important factor to consider for those who want to retire here)
  • Research the local culture and how you can immerse yourself in it
  • Research the language or dialect of the region (especially if you are moving from outside Canada)

Being prepared before your move will make it easy to adapt to the culture and way of life in Newfoundland. Several resources are available online so you can arm yourself with the right information. 


Before moving to Newfoundland, it pays to do your research. Take the time to learn about each city or region you want to consider for the move. You must ensure that the city or town that you want to move to is a good fit for your lifestyle, career, and your family’s needs. By taking these factors into account, you will enjoy a smooth transition to your new home and enable your family to adapt quickly. 

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