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As the 1990s and 2000s make a comeback in the form of TV, film, and fashion, we can’t help but be nostalgic about original home improvement shows that paved the way for so many of today’s reality home shows. 

The most notable of these classic shows is TLC’s Trading Spaces. The premise is simple: two sets of neighbours swap homes and transform a room in two days with a budget of $1,000 using the help of expert designers. This format made the show, which ran from 2000 to 2009 before its 2018 reboot, a huge hit. 

Trading Spaces’ successful results inspired a generation of reno enthusiasts to try their hand at updating their own spaces, but sometimes left homeowners shocked and even in tears. 

While it may seem like these things were done…

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How to make your laundry room more efficient

As time goes by, it feels like we only get busier as a society. Small household tasks can seem overwhelming between work, family obligations and social events. While some people may find peace in spending a day at home, cleaning and getting things in order, others are seemingly always rushing around trying to squeeze small household tasks in before jetting off to the next event. This is where creating an efficient living space can pay off in dividends. Arguably, one of the more time-consuming chores at home is laundry – and the bigger the family, the more laundry there will be, leaving you wondering how to make your laundry room more efficient.

We will take you through some of the best ways to make your laundry room more…

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We all know heading to the basement in a horror movie is never a good idea.  Despite their cinematic reputation, basements are a versatile space in the home, a fact their design evolution over the decades can attest to.

As with other rooms in the house–like bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms–basement design has ebbed and flowed over the decades. Their functionality and design, including flooring, are heavily influenced by the happenings of the wider world.

Image via jamiekop on Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

1950s: The beginning of basement evolution

Before the 1950s, basements were mainly crawl spaces and cellars. The combination of post-Second World War industrialization and the introduction of concrete transformed these dank, dark, cramped spaces…

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A basement is a bonus space for many homeowners. And what better use for extra room than something fun and entertaining? If you’re looking for ways to create a lively basement, check out this countdown of the most-saved basement photos uploaded to Houzz in 2021. You’ll find ideas for watching movies with the family, playing table tennis or pool, hosting a Scrabble match or even teeing off for a round of virtual golf.

Design Therapy LLC 10. Textural Treat

Wavy 3D wall panels add texture near an indoor pool in this luxe Toronto basement by Design Therapy. An eclectic mix of fabrics punches up a low-slung sectional sofa, while a circular coffee table picks up on the movement in the wall panels.

Jan Gleysteen…

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There are many ways to design a living room. But if you’re looking for a shortcut to a stylish and comfortable space, take a few cues from this countdown of the most-saved living room photos uploaded to Houzz in 2021. You’ll find approaches that succeed by mixing colors and materials, offering plenty of seating, adding some display space and leaning heavily on a palette of white and wood.

TVL Creative Ltd.

10. Bold Black Touches

Rather than trying to hide the black void of the TV in this Denver living room, interior design firm TVL Creative celebrated it with a recessed niche and shiplap siding. Black window frames, ceiling trim and other black details complement the TV, making it feel like part of the design.

A perfectly sized sectional,…

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Condo suites with dens can command a higher price-point than those without… But if you’ve been keeping up with how to do your den right, you already knew that.

This is according to Baker Real Estate Incorporated’s Baker Insights Group (B.I.G.), and — despite the last year (plus) intensifying the truth of it — such has actually been the case for several years now.

“The biggest difference between the unit mix in 2020 versus 2018 and 2019 is the share of suites with one bedroom plus den, which rose from 10% in 2018 and 13% in 2019 to 23% last year,” reads the insight group’s recent market report.

What’s more, dens are shown to add value to a condo, even when they don’t actually provide extra floor space.

“Baker recognized that buyers…

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