There’s nothing like hunkering down for the winter to get you noticing all the odd jobs that need to be done around the house. If you’re going to be inside anyway, why not tackle some fun and creative projects to beautify and simplify your life? Here are a few DIY projects you can tackle this weekend, with options the whole family can get in on.

Accentuate the positive 

Are your four walls starting to look a little too familiar? With not a lot of supplies, time or money, you can get creative with your space’s existing features and breathe new life into your surroundings. Painting window trims, accent walls, or cabinets are low commitment ways to try on a new aesthetic. You could even tackle a full wall mural to help liven up the kids’ bedrooms!

For rental units that need a facelift, peel and stick tiles are an attractive and simple way to liven up backsplash, countertops, and floors. Pro tip: if you’re planning to spend some time out of town over the winter, plan any solvent-heavy projects ahead of your time away so unpleasant odours have some time to dissipate.

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Play, display, and put away 

Making art with your kids is a great way to connect and promote their development. With a little finesse, their canvasses and creations can also make beautiful art for your home, or gifts for friends and family. Whatever your medium, choose colours in the same colour palette as the accents in your space to avoid muddy creations in shades of brown (unless that’s what you’re after). You probably have materials at home already, like potatoes, dish soap, or wine corks that can make an easy and aesthetically pleasing finished product. If you’re becoming overwhelmed by your kids’ existing crafts, maybe it’s time to reimagine a display solution for their crafts, and to give yourself permission to toss some of their old worksheets.

Reduce, reuse, reupholster 

Reupholstery may seem daunting, but with a few basic principles it can be an easy addition to your home improvement repertoire. Swapping fabrics is a satisfying way to update your décor, protect your furniture, or modify that quirky curbside score into a piece that fits. You can also repurpose sentimental or scrap fabric to reduce your household’s textile waste footprint. 

Bring the café home  

Whether you’re working from home, or just not keen to visit your local coffee shop in bad weather, ritualizing your daily warm beverage can help boost morale on a dark Monday morning. Bring in some zen decorations, move in a comfy chair, and hang some cheery prints to build in a little “me” time on the daily. Think about what makes your favourite café special, and brainstorm which elements you have already, or are ready to introduce.

Don’t scrap your scraps  

Are you holding onto old materials from a former or ongoing renovation? You can feel good about keeping these odds and ends out of landfills with cool bespoke projects. For example, spare PVC pipe and lumber can lend itself to an industrial chic bookshelf. If renovating your home has meant updating charming features like vintage doors, there are lots of DIY projects that can incorporate the look and feel into your space. 

With a little creativity and a couple of days of elbow grease, there’s no shortage of opportunities to make your space your own. Whether strictly beautifying, or heavier lifting, making a unique final product and the memories that go along with it is well worth the effort. Happy DIYing! 


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